Sunday, August 3, 2008

Development....never over

Where in this world do someone call for the stoppage of development....its never over.I had this little problem in figuring out how the world had developed all these years. I was scratching my head and suddenly there was somebody calling on my cell.It was from home and I was not quite willing to answer it until I cleared my head,but I had to.Suddenly a no its my sister...she called me...what the hell is a 10 year old girl doing with the little electronic gadget?And incidentally my answer was there.Gone are all those days when gizmos had a label-"Not for kids under 10 yrs."Marketing strategies and greed for money has always looked for ways to reduce this stipulated age.May be this is development, something like 'all-round.' Now that I cleared my head there was another thought trying to fill the empty space.Where will this world go after another 10 yrs.May be kids would learn to fly and 10 yrs hence they go to space and study "Universe"(ask parents money for space tour :P)....roflol....this crazy world....never has a development crisis...or even a 'great depression'....after all who calls for stoppage of development.

P.S.: 1.)A generation is like a parent to the succeeding one, it always tries to make life easy and lazy.However, patriotism is its biggest enemy.
2.)Always make use of the latest technology to get in terms with development and let the next generations develop(Use brush+paste combo instead of neem sticks, children hate that)

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