Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Innovations Demystified

In business and in life it seems that I repeatedly run across three main types of people:

1. Those who create
2. Those who manage
3. Those who invest

Arguably, we all possess some parts of each category of talent, but ultimately one of these areas take over both professionally and personally.

Its been a very long journey for the human race, and still going strong. Internet, mobile, micro and nano, human race has done it all.

Guess what? Those who invest obviously don't give a shit about what it means and how its done.

All the people pondering what it could mean are in category 1 (myself included), and until Zopa and Fundable-like things reinvent the financial capital industry [wishful thinking :)], they have to beg the category 3 people to fund their projects and even those fundable-like things involve people from category 3.

What about category 2? Well, we bring them in once the category 3 people opened up their wallets.

So should the next breakthrough innovations be demystified?

Of course, but where's the fun(ding) in that?

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