Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Innovations Demystified

In business and in life it seems that I repeatedly run across three main types of people:

1. Those who create
2. Those who manage
3. Those who invest

Arguably, we all possess some parts of each category of talent, but ultimately one of these areas take over both professionally and personally.

Its been a very long journey for the human race, and still going strong. Internet, mobile, micro and nano, human race has done it all.

Guess what? Those who invest obviously don't give a shit about what it means and how its done.

All the people pondering what it could mean are in category 1 (myself included), and until Zopa and Fundable-like things reinvent the financial capital industry [wishful thinking :)], they have to beg the category 3 people to fund their projects and even those fundable-like things involve people from category 3.

What about category 2? Well, we bring them in once the category 3 people opened up their wallets.

So should the next breakthrough innovations be demystified?

Of course, but where's the fun(ding) in that?

P.S. : Zopa is a lending and loans community for people who want great interest rates. For lenders, it is a fantastic alternative to savings & investments.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

once lost is lost forever....

Forgive me, little brother!
I'm so blamed before you.
One shouldn't try to regain
what was taken by the earth.

The one who knows the law of being
would help me find the answer.
I was hardly mistaken;
there's no cure for death.

Dear mother! Affectionate one!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
were spent in vain.

I tempted you
with the beautiful hope
of regaining our family hearth.
My brother, the fault is all mine.

Don't cry, don't grieve, big brother!
You're not the only one to blame.
We have the same path
We will expiate our guilt in full.

I have nothing to reproach you with
And I'm not offended at all.
Our sin is grievous,
to desire to be stronger than all.

Dear mother! Affectionate one!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
were spent in vain.

I tempted myself
with the wonderful hope
of regaining our family hearth.
It's all my own fault.

So what should we do, how should we act?
How to correct everything and forget?
One shouldn't try to regain
what was taken by the earth.

A masterpiece in its class, Fullmetal Alchemist(FMA) is my choice of a must watch soap/anime. So much happens, there aren't only people, outrageous things, events, story-line.But one aspect stands apart, like an oasis in a desert, relationship.The above lines are true, one cant regain a 'lost' relationship, but are we 'losing' the living ones?Blatantly, NO!but why? Are we bored of relationships? Do we fear solitude or love gregariousness?Relationship is one thing that doesn't enjoy prerequisites. Afterall its a relationship, and no body knows when it takes birth.All of a sudden, it creates space uniquely for itself in the heart. The 'brothers' relationship in FMA is the best illustration where priorities lose to moral and emotinal obligations.With relationship comes great responsibility, something which we enjoy as a part of it.The Fullmetal Alchemist(Edward Elric) takes the pain to redeem his mistakes, which is infact an act of desperation to revive a 'relationship'.He puts his life on stake to regain his brother's(whose soul always wanders with his beloved brother) lost body. Together, they see 'life'- 'love' and 'hatred'.A tear-jerking journey ends rather strangely, and shockingly for fans like me its only a sweet memory. Ending this short series(51 episodes) has left many a fans disappointed, but truth is it has to end somewhere, like the relationships itself.Its always painful to experience such a plight, but memories are the ones that befriend us, to the grave, even the 'life' after death. I hope my lines would change others' minds(follow their heart indeed), help them watch this series, an emotional drama which every one must experience.

P.S. :1.)People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something.You must present something of equal value to gain something.This is the principle of equivalent trade in ALCHEMY.
2.)I have the full series in my DVD :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

crack this!

Even a giant perverted tree helped me when I fed it with water....but little did I realise (when I decided to reform it by cutting it down) that I would lie under the broken tree dead.But the tree still had life in it and continued to grow.

P.S. :1. Trying to live this life to the fullest(and longest) and I dont give a damn about anyone or anything.
2. Never encourage deforestation

Now Crack this, what is this shit all about, may be this isnt shit, may be you are one character in the above lines or going to be one.Its a conspicuous truth if you crack this.

Thank You

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Development....never over

Where in this world do someone call for the stoppage of development....its never over.I had this little problem in figuring out how the world had developed all these years. I was scratching my head and suddenly there was somebody calling on my cell.It was from home and I was not quite willing to answer it until I cleared my head,but I had to.Suddenly a girl...no no its my sister...she called me...what the hell is a 10 year old girl doing with the little electronic gadget?And incidentally my answer was there.Gone are all those days when gizmos had a label-"Not for kids under 10 yrs."Marketing strategies and greed for money has always looked for ways to reduce this stipulated age.May be this is development, something like 'all-round.' Now that I cleared my head there was another thought trying to fill the empty space.Where will this world go after another 10 yrs.May be kids would learn to fly and 10 yrs hence they go to space and study "Universe"(ask parents money for space tour :P)....roflol....this crazy world....never has a development crisis...or even a 'great depression'....after all who calls for stoppage of development.

P.S.: 1.)A generation is like a parent to the succeeding one, it always tries to make life easy and lazy.However, patriotism is its biggest enemy.
2.)Always make use of the latest technology to get in terms with development and let the next generations develop(Use brush+paste combo instead of neem sticks, children hate that)